Matrixport Releases New “Auto-Invest” Tool for DCA Based Buying

Following the launch of “BTC-U Range Sniper” earlier this month, Matrixport, the digital assets financial services platform, has today announced the rollout of a new investment tool, dubbed “Auto-Invest”.

This tool is expected to assist crypto long-term investors in handling market volatility and making it less challenging when trading and holding Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Specifically, by employing a dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) strategy, investors can accumulate the two largest cryptocurrencies at predetermined intervals with only a few clicks on Matrixport’s secure application platform.

New Ways to Invest

Even though crypto investment has been here for a while, the inherent volatility of an emerging asset class can still be a frightening venture to embark on, particularly for those who are just getting started.

Matrixport’s ‘Auto-Invest’ feature is designed specifically for this group of growing investors, and it helps to minimize the impact of volatility on the growth of one’s cryptocurrency holdings by spreading out trades at fixed intervals over a period of time.

Speaking of the issue, Cynthia Wu, Matrixport’s Head of Sales and Business Development admits the potential of the asset class. But at the same time, he addresses that Bitcoin carries a high level of inherent volatility.

According to Wu, many cryptocurrency traders and long-term holders find it difficult to time the market and buy when the price is low.

With Matrixport’s “Auto-Invest” feature, users are encouraged to follow a proven DCA investment strategy while building their cryptocurrency portfolio in the most stress-free manner possible.

An Easy Way to Gain Market Exposure

Investment legend Warren Buffett has long advocated for the use of DCA. This new feature, known as Auto-Invest, demonstrates our unwavering commitment to making cryptocurrency simple and accessible to everyone, especially those who are just getting started on their cryptocurrency journey.

Bitcoin and Ethereum investors can now access Auto-Invest currently available on Matrixport’s secure app platform, and there are no service fees associated with using it.

Trading frequency for Bitcoin or Ethereum can be set to every hour, day, week, or month, and users have the flexibility to change their settings at any time.

The tool also gives Investors complete control over setting purchase limits and determining the maximum limit price at which crypto can be accrued, with no requirement for funds to be locked up.

The trading process becomes completely automated after completing the straightforward setup, allowing users to take advantage of the full potential of the DCA strategy to generate long-term returns.

Matrixport proceeds to empower investors of all levels of experience with cutting-edge cryptocurrency investment and product offerings.

Professional tools such as ‘Auto-Invest’ serve as stepping stones in the process of implementing a more secure gateway for crypto-curious individuals to initiate their investing pursuits.

Matrixport is Attracting Capital

Matrixport is one of the fastest growing digital asset financial services platforms in Asia, with revenues exceeding $1 billion in 2017. It has also gained a significant reputation all around the global crypto industry.

The company, which has $10 billion in assets under management and custody, provides one-stop crypto-financial solutions, with average monthly trading volumes of more than $5 billion.

The company’s services entail Cactus CustodyTM, spot OTC, fixed income, structured products, lending, and asset management, amongst other things.

Its mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, and its motto is “Get More From Your Crypto.” A total of over 230 employees work for the company, which is licensed in Hong Kong and Switzerland.

The company serves both institutional and retail customers throughout Asia and Europe. It joins a number of other companies that allow people to trade and invest in cryptos on a passive basis.

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