Nuant Introduces Comprehensive Digital Asset Management Platform


  • Nuant has launched a new platform for digital asset management, targeting funds, VCs, investors, and crypto companies.
  • The platform offers comprehensive market coverage, including support for over 5 custodians, 30 exchanges, 80 blockchains, and 1000 DeFi protocols.
  • Key features include an advanced alerting system, integrated SAFE and SAFT tracking, and AI-driven strategy design tools.
  • Nuant aims to bring institutional-grade tools to the digital asset sector, especially in light of upcoming MiCA regulations.
  • The company is offering the first three months free to the first 100 clients as a launch promotion.

Zurich-based company Nuant has announced the launch of its innovative platform designed to revolutionize how funds, VCs, investors, and crypto companies manage their digital assets. The platform, which has been in development for over a year, aims to set new standards in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.

Nuant’s solution addresses a critical gap in the market by providing a comprehensive 360-degree intelligence solution specifically tailored for digital assets.

The platform aggregates data from multiple sources and integrates with various providers, centralizing all information into a single, intelligent dashboard.

This approach eliminates the need for spreadsheets and disparate tools, enabling users to assess performance and risks in real-time.

One of the standout features of Nuant’s platform is its extensive market coverage. The system supports over 5 custodians, 30 exchanges, 80 blockchains, and 1000 DeFi protocols. This broad coverage allows users to manage a diverse range of asset types, including Spot, DeFi, Derivatives, and Stocks, providing a holistic view of their portfolios.

Security and risk management are at the forefront of Nuant’s offering. The platform includes an advanced alerting system that provides proactive notifications on potential security breaches and customizable alerts on market movements and portfolio events. This feature ensures that users can swiftly respond to risks and capitalize on market opportunities.

Recognizing the complexity of modern digital asset investments, Nuant has integrated SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) and SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) tracking into its platform. This integration, coupled with automated tracking of token vesting schedules, ensures precise portfolio management and timely execution of claims, maintaining the integrity of investment strategies.

Perhaps one of the most innovative aspects of Nuant’s platform is its suite of cutting-edge strategy design tools. Leveraging AI technology, the platform offers capabilities for rebalancing, backtesting, scenario analysis, and DeFi strategy simulations. These tools empower users to create sophisticated investment strategies, optimizing portfolio performance and risk management in ways previously unavailable in the digital asset sector.

Rachid Ajaja, Founder & CEO of Nuant, emphasized the platform’s importance in the context of evolving regulations:

“With the upcoming MiCA regulations, it’s more critical than ever for Funds, VCs, and Web3 companies to have the right tools. Nuant provides an institutional-grade platform that meets the highest standards, bridging the gap and extending these capabilities to DeFi.”

To celebrate the launch and encourage adoption, Nuant is offering an exclusive promotion: the first 100 clients will receive their first three months of service for free.

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